Équipements Essentiels distinguishes itself among agricultural dealerships by embodying a remarkable story driven by an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. Founded in 2021 by a veteran of the automotive sales industry, this company exemplifies passion, determination, and skyrocketing success.

Origins and Inspiration

The owner, with 15 years of experience as a sales director in the automotive sector, harbored a dream for years of owning a TYM tractor. Faced with the challenge of finding a dealership that met his expectations, he made a bold decision: to become the sought-after dealer himself. Thus, Équipements Essentiels was born.

Early Recognition

Recognition came swiftly with the prestigious title of “Dealer of the Year for North America” obtained right from the opening. An even more impressive feat considering the dealership had not yet inaugurated its new building. This early recognition underscores the steadfast commitment to the fundamental philosophy: “Service is our priority.”

Family Involvement

While the owner’s father has past experience as a Chrysler dealer in northern Ontario, Équipements Essentiels is not a typical family business. The father simply brings his expertise to support his son in this exciting new venture.

Absolute Priority: Customer Service

The core mission of Équipements Essentiels is clear: customer service is the absolute priority. This value guides every interaction, establishing enduring trust-based relationships. The goal is to exceed the expectations of customers at every stage of the process.

Commercial Success in 2022

The year 2022 marked a turning point with the reception of TYM tractors in January, slightly behind the initial forecasts. However, the demand was so strong that all tractors were sold within just one week.


Équipements Essentiels continues on its trajectory, leaving an indelible mark in the agricultural sector through its commitment to exceptional service. This remarkable story goes to show that passion and service quality can transform an individual vision into collective success in the demanding agricultural equipment industry.